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TOPIC: Pilates for cyclists

Pilates for cyclists 11 months 2 weeks ago #10393

Bit of a strange plug here, and given the place and time, one that probably won't apply to many PTTers, but just in case any of you, or anybody you know might be interested here goes.

I've been going to a pilates session specific for cyclists at Rapha, Thursday mornings, 0730-0830 (NB this isn't a plug for Rapha, they don't make any money from it). It was something I was encouraged to try as a means of injury prevention, but also cos of my woeful inflexibility and posture. The exercises are mostly a series of stretches for your back, core and legs - nothing too new age or owt, it's not yoga - it's not too strenuous, and it's suitable for all levels. Well, you couldn't be much more of a beginner than me.

Problem is, I'm pretty much the only one who's been going for a few weeks now, so I promised I'd give it a shout out with the club. The instructor is very professional, but my subs alone probably don't even cover her bus fare. It's £5 a week, plus they give you a filter coffee on your way out. They've got floormats there, including celeste-coloured ones for Bianchi weirdos.

Please feel free to take the piss, but be warned, I'm only a few sessions away from being able to lift my leg above my waist. This time next year I'll be joining Cobra Kai. If it's good enough for Sagan and Kwiatkowski...
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Pilates for cyclists 11 months 1 day ago #10418

Cheers, Fran - just spotting this now.

After a summer of back issues not helped by tight hamstrings and never stretching, this might just be the way to go.
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Pilates for cyclists 10 months 4 weeks ago #10419

I'd say give it a try mate. I was getting a bit of lower back pain for a while, but haven't had any complaints after a few sessions. The exercises are mostly core-orientated, working your abdominals, back, hip flexors, quads and hamstrings etc, and it's these areas I struggle with being sat at a desk all day.

I'm away for the next three weeks so I don't really know what's happening with the classes in the meantime (it's literally just been me going for a while now), but I'll be back at it through winter hopefully so if there's any changes to the time/day I'll put it on here.
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